The Future Matrix

Using The Future Matrix to predict and plan for your business future enables you to make plans for a variety of possible futures. This flexibility is even more powerful when you work in an ever changing environment. This is the most practical book you will ever use.

This book or set of instructions was initially developed as a quick-use tool for clients who wanted to do some planning for projects and operational situations where there were many unpredictable or unknown outcomes. Scenario planning seemed the obvious choice for these clients but as this required a fair amount of effort, on behalf of the client, to get through, I found that before any decent plans were made the situation was often already over.

The lack of speed led me to shortening and adapting the scenario planning methodologies into 7 phases to very quickly help someone understand a situation and plan for 4 possible outcomes of that situation. I use this shortened method myself on projects when I just want to check what other resources we might need or what possible outcomes there could be that are not in my control but that I need to be prepared for. It is also useful for defining all the indicators that I need to measure as the project unfolds. I hope that you too will be able to learn to use this tool as comfortably and quickly as it was intended.

This is a very short book with actionable steps – there are no theoretical meanderings or ponderings – from the very first step YOU are required to take action within your organisation. It is practical, easy to understand and the outcomes can be profound.

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